Genesi is the latest great work by Sebastião Salgado, the most important documentary photographer of our time. A passionate look, directed to emphasize the need to protect our planet, to change our way of life, to start new and more respectful behaviours for the nature and everything surrounding us, to achieve a new harmony.

A journey to the origins of the world in order to preserve its future.

The exhibition comes from an eight year trip to discover the beauty of the most remote places in the planet.

The result of this curiosity are more than 200 photos, telling us with an amazing and exciting look about places ranging from the Amazonian, Congolese, Indonesian and New Guinean tropical forests to the Antarctican glaciers, from the Alaskan taiga to the American and African deserts up to the American, Chilean and Siberian mountains.

The world as it was, the world as it is. The Earth as a magnificent resource to contemplate, to get to know, to love. This is the purpose and value of the extraordinary Sebastião Salgados’ project.